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Communicate your ideas on your native language, our interpreters will ensure that your audience understands it. We provide simultaneous, consecutive and escorted translations

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Written Translations

Our team integrates sworn translators specialized on different topics. We provide medical translations, juridical, technical, books, booklets, websites, and a wide variety more.

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Equipment Rental

On top of everything, we also provide all the necessary equipment for your event: Interpretation Booths, Wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment, Wireless surround system, screens, video projection, and all the equipment you might need for your event to be successful.

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Why should you choose us?

  • We have more than enough experience on Translations and Interpretations
  • We have the necessary talent to match the level of your speakers
  • Our modern audiovisual equipment are the latest on wireless technology
  • We have the support from the most wanted professional talents in the region
  • We provide a personal service to our clients

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